Waxes     Express Wax $15.00    Carnauba Wax (Liquid) $25.00    Premium Souverän Wax (Paste) $45.00    Paint Sealants    4-6 Month Silica\Polymer Paint Sealant $35.00    6-12 Month Polymer Paint Sealant $45.00    12 Month Silica Paint Sealant $55.00    Specialty Services    Paint/Chrome/Wheels Correction and Polishing $55.00/hour    Glass Polishing $55.00/hour    Headlight Restoration $55.00-$75.00     Paint Decontamination (Clay Treatment) $25.00     (Please note: Our Clay Treatment is only available as part of    machine polishing or paint correction services.)    Paint Decontamination (Chemical) $30.00    Tar and Sap or Overspray Removal (Call for estimate)    Engine Rinse/Wipedown $35.00    Engine Detailing $55.00-$110.00     Ozone Odor Treatment   $55.00/hour    Leather Cleaning and Conditioning $35.00-$55.00    Interior Spot and Stain Treatment $55.00/hour    Pet Hair Removal $55.00/hour    Fabric OR Carpet Protectant $35.00        -TAX NOT INCLUDED IN PRICES SHOWN-    
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